Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Preliminary Work

This is my front cover for my preliminary magazine for a school magazine. I've followed magazine conventions by using an attractive, young person who is looking out which draws the audience into wanting to read it. It is a well known magazine so you don't need to see the full title which says "Heworth Grange". To the left of the magazine cover I have story hooks which gives you an insight into what kind of articles you can read in the magazine. I've followed the house style of the school logo by using the colours blue, yellow and black. Setting a house style for the rest of the magazine. The images I have below the hooks are in relation to the school, as we see students walking down the stairs where all of them are smiling and talking to one another denoting a happy atmosphere for the students. There is also two girls sat down in an area which connotes it's a quiet area as they are concentrating and reading a book, showing the audience that there are places to go in your spare time to study which also denotes a happy school atmosphere. Underneath the two pictures I have the school logo which has the house style on, which is blue and yellow. At the bottom of the cover there is another hook which is from an article the headteacher which is what the picture is in relation with.

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