Thursday, 29 November 2012


Romantic Silent Short Films

 Main points about the silent, romantic short film Same Old Story as shown below:
  • Follows the conventions as seen in many of Charlie Chaplin's silent films (slapstick humour, black and white and dressed in a similar style to Chaplin)
  • Music is fast paced to link with the energetic movement in the moving image
  • Man trying to win over the girl, conventional of what it was like in the time period it's based around.

    Here is a YouTube clip I found which includes scenes from silent film City Lights starring the iconic Charlie Chaplin. Here, we see the whole idea of the first short film and what it is based around. Our short film is not going to be the male chasing the female due to the different conventions of society nowadays, but it is in fact the female (Zoe) being caught up about the male (Stephen). It will include Stephen showing interest up until the disequilibrium. It is possible that we will use slapstick comedy similar to Chaplin's silent films once Zoe realises her feelings for Stephen but we have not decided at the minute.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Typical English Weather..

Due to the weather we were unable to get location shots at the weekend! This weekend will be when we defintiely get them. With practically all of our filming being outdoors it has been vertually impossible to film. Even filming the indoor shots would include the weather as it would be visible through windows etc.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


We're going to take location shots at the weekend as we have more time to get the different locations. We're basing it around stereotypical locations where teenagers normally go i.e. town centre (Newcastle), parks, cafe's etc

We will post the images as soon as we get them! :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Reason's for Choosing a Chorus

The reason Kelsey and I have chosen to include a chorus origianally seen in Greek tradgedies is because we believe it is fairly abstract which is often apparent in most stingers. With the chorus symbolising the relationship between the two main characters, it allows us to be experimental and make it as abstract as we wish. With us choosing to create a silent short film, the chorus reinforces emotion which emphasises the whole concept.
The image above is taken from a play of what a chorus looks like, they all have masks on (typical in Greek tragedies) but they show no emotion and are all in one colour - we will follow these conventions in our Short Film.

Prop Ideas for the Chorus

Development on the Concept

With the concept being based around the deterioration of a girl's life we have chose to go for the more relatable reason which is her meeting a boy which then ends up badly. We have came up with a few different reasons as to why it goes bad but we will choose once we have gained audience feedback to see what they would prefer to see which will hopefully help increase our audience.

Another thing we are planning to include is a 'chorus'. Chorus's are mostly seen in the typical Greek tragedy however we have decided to use a more modernised type which we will keep cutting back to throughout; this will show the audience what is going on throughout the film as the character that is the chorus is a symbol of Zoe's emotions. We are going to give the character in the chorus a prop which will be key to reflecting Zoe's feelings.

Ideas for the prop will follow!

(For more information of what a 'chorus' is, click the hyperlink attached to the word)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012


I often check the stats on my blog, this shows that my blog is available worldwide and people from different countries have been viewing it.  


I have shared my blog to my Twitter followers to increase awareness about it, sort of my own way of viral marketing. Hopefully it will encourage people to visit my blog and possibly comment on my work. In doing so it is somewhat my own type of Viral Marketing which will increase awareness of my Short Film.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Concept

With our concept initially being about the deterioration of a girls life, we have developed it further. As oppose to it being centred around grief and upset, we have started it off with the typical equilibrium following Todorov's theory. The disequilibrium is going to be an issue that most teenage girls have and that is... boys. This way it appeals to our target audience as they could relate to the situation being shown (break ups) and it is also a lighter subject matter that can be portrayed fairly easily; this allows me to be experimental when it comes to my role in post-production.