Thursday, 18 October 2012

A2 Project Brief

Which brief are you pursuing?

The brief I am pursuing is a Short Film, therefore I am planning on analysing more short films as in my other analysis I have only included 1 short film because I was unsure on what brief I was anticipating on pursuing.

Identify if this is an individual or group project?

This is a group project, with myself and Kelsey Wink (

List the roles and responsibilities if you're working in a group?

Mise-en-scène - Kelsey Wink
Cinematography - Katie Murdoch/Kelsey Wink
Sound - Katie Murdoch
Editing - Katie Murdoch
Acting - Kelsey Wink, Zoe Slade and Stephen Hanlon (main characters)

Write a brief summary of your concept for the main task:

The concept of our short film is based around the deterioration of one girls life (Zoe Slade). We have not decided upon the final reason for this but it will more than likely be due to relationships or issues that teenagers face everyday. It will first appear happy then there will be a disequilibrium, following Todorov's theory.

List any ideas for locations (mise-en-scène):

Stereotypical places where teenagers go:
- City Centre (Newcastle)
- Café's
- The beach
- Shops
- Parks

List any ideas for costume and props (mise-en-scène):

Normal clothing that teenagers would wear, in doing so it will relate to our target audience. Items of clothing such as jeans/leggings with a smart/casual top for Zoe and a smarter look for Stephen as nowadays boys make more of an effort with their appearance to previous years.

Normal make-up to make Zoe appear natural and innocent.

We do not particularly need any props in our film that stand out just typical things found in the places where we will be filming, for example we will have mugs of coffee/tea in the café's etc.

Light places which show life and energy, like busy shopping centres/stores which will be in Newcastle but also quieter places to show the relationship between the two people being more confined and emotive.

Outline your ideas for each ancillary task:

For one of my ancillary tasks I am intending on creating a poster to sum up the short film without telling you what actually happens. It will hopefully be a medium shot of the girl in the centre of the poster with Stephen behind. Zoe will appear upset but Stephen will appear emotionless.

The second ancillary task will be a magazine review article about the film.

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