Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Development on the Concept

With the concept being based around the deterioration of a girl's life we have chose to go for the more relatable reason which is her meeting a boy which then ends up badly. We have came up with a few different reasons as to why it goes bad but we will choose once we have gained audience feedback to see what they would prefer to see which will hopefully help increase our audience.

Another thing we are planning to include is a 'chorus'. Chorus's are mostly seen in the typical Greek tragedy however we have decided to use a more modernised type which we will keep cutting back to throughout; this will show the audience what is going on throughout the film as the character that is the chorus is a symbol of Zoe's emotions. We are going to give the character in the chorus a prop which will be key to reflecting Zoe's feelings.

Ideas for the prop will follow!

(For more information of what a 'chorus' is, click the hyperlink attached to the word)

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