Thursday, 29 November 2012

Romantic Silent Short Films

 Main points about the silent, romantic short film Same Old Story as shown below:
  • Follows the conventions as seen in many of Charlie Chaplin's silent films (slapstick humour, black and white and dressed in a similar style to Chaplin)
  • Music is fast paced to link with the energetic movement in the moving image
  • Man trying to win over the girl, conventional of what it was like in the time period it's based around.

    Here is a YouTube clip I found which includes scenes from silent film City Lights starring the iconic Charlie Chaplin. Here, we see the whole idea of the first short film and what it is based around. Our short film is not going to be the male chasing the female due to the different conventions of society nowadays, but it is in fact the female (Zoe) being caught up about the male (Stephen). It will include Stephen showing interest up until the disequilibrium. It is possible that we will use slapstick comedy similar to Chaplin's silent films once Zoe realises her feelings for Stephen but we have not decided at the minute.

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